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Від щирого серця поздоровляємо Олену Вербицьку і Світлану Гречаникову, які брали участь в конкурсі історій про тварин, що було організовано SPCAI, і перемогли в ньому!! А особливо цінне і приємне те, що вони присвятили свої історії нам, КТЗТ і Гостомельському притулку - велике спасибі, нам дуже приємно!

Ось історії-переможці, опубліковані на сайті SPCAI 19 листопада 2010 р.:

1st Place WINNER

Pet Parent Name: Lena Verbitskaiya
Chosen Shelter: Kiev Animal Protection Society

The Dog That Had Been Waiting 4 Days

One day on her way to work, Lena noticed a big dog in the subway station. Obviously there was something wrong with him. She went up and pet his head and he looked at her with eyes filled with such pain and sorrow, pleading for help. Lena would never forget that look. As it turned out, he couldn't get up. She asked people from the nearby store if they knew anything about the dog and was told he had been there for 4 days! On a rainy day he got hit by a car and crawled down the stairs to the subway station trying to hide from the rain or maybe he was hoping to find help there. For 4 long days he'd been lying on the platform very quietly, looking at every person passing by with hope, but nobody cared about him. Of course, Lena couldn't leave him there to die. She and two other people carried him to a taxi and took him to a clinic only to find out his hip was broken. The surgery lasted more than four hours but everything went fine! The veterinarian reported, "He is a very patient, strong and brave fellow! He'll make it!" And he did. She named him Rex. After a few weeks he recovered completely. Now Lena can't even imagine her life without his clever eyes, wet nose, loud bark and his BIG love for her! He is everything to Lena. Rex is the smartest, the kindest dog in the whole world! No, he is not just a dog - he is a friend. A very faithful and understanding friend! Every day she says thanks God that they found each other.


Pet Parent Name: Svetlana Grechannikova
Chosen Shelter: Kiev Animal Protection Society

The Dog with Two Legs

There was a family of three homeless dogs: a mother and her two daughters, Manyunya and Knopa.  Manyunya and Knopa were born on church property in a small town in Ukraine. They were a happy little family of three. But one day their happy life came to an end when Manyunya was hit by a cable car and her rear legs were severed. It's hard to imagine what pain she went through. But she survived and even learned to walk on her two half legs.

All of a sudden the church decided they didn’t want the dogs living on their property anymore. They threw sticks and rocks at them to try to scare them away. A kind woman couldn't stand the way the dogs were being treated and took them to her house hoping to find loving family for them. Manyunya's story was covered on a local TV channel and that's how her owner found her. When she saw Manyunya on the news, she was deeply touched by her story and decided to adopt this wonderful dog. The very next day Manyunya went home with her new mommy, who couldn't stop hugging and kissing her. And, a little bit later Manyunya's mother and sister also found a new forever home.

Ми бажаємо Олені та Світлані щастя з їх улюбленими вихованцями!