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Themis puts in a good word for dogs

EN Translation Melanie Bozkurt, thanks a lot!

Finally, the Ukrainian law "On the Protection of Animals from Brutal Treatment" has been launched: on Monday, the Superior Court of Svyatoschinsk has sentenced Aleksej Vedula to 4 years' imprisonment for animal abuse and publication of cruel pictures on the Internet. The 19-year-old student was arrested by the police in autumn 2011 after having published pictures and videos on the Internet of dogs and puppies he had killed. Vedula's friend, Roman Polibin, who took the recordings, was convicted to 4 years' suspended sentence. The computer Aleksej Vedula used to upload the videos on the internet, i.a. in social networks, was seized. The psychological consultants declared him legally sane. As usual, animal protectors protested in front of the court during the trial. They demanded a fair judgement. The public's active attendance had a significant impact on the fact that the law has aligned with the animals' side.

Asia SERPINSKAYA, head of Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals:

"This is our victory. For the first time in Ukrainian history, a person who brutally tortured animals for satisfying pathological needs, has received a deserved punishment (we demanded maximum penalty of 5 years acc. to article 300 "propaganda of violence"). However, I'm afraid it is not over yet; they will appeal against it, plead for revision, etc. However, if the judgement remains unchanged, it will be a small victory for humanity in the Ukraine. I believe, it is mostly to the animal protectors' and judge's credit, and we are really grateful to her as she turned out to be a normal, human and civilized person. In place of her could have also been a conservative person with a negative attitude towards animals, who had possibly been bitten by a dog somewhen… Also, the public's attitude has to be mentioned: at present, there is a strong animal protection movement in the Ukraine, which can indeed influence the authorities.

And thirdly, we would like to draw attention to the total independence of the police. They have not even contributed 1% to starting the proceedings against Vedula. As despite our appeals, protests and letters the police did not search for him. Still, they don't search for those who poison the animals or for the sadists. The dog hunters themselves extradited this person, as they admitted. A few months ago, I attended a briefing at the editorial office of a newspaper and meanwhile, an online meeting with a dog hunter took place. His face was hided but he answered our questions and also asked questions himself. He said, they "extradited" Vedula themselves because although they are killing dogs, they don't torture them and most of all, they don't publish it. He also said, Vedula would have «casted a damning light» on all of them...

Unfortunately, as the dog hunters admit themselves, the killings and poisoning of the dogs in the Ukraine continue. Kyiv service for catching the dogs at least does not kill the animals, but what happens in other cities is simply horror. There, everybody who is involved in the mass killings of the dogs must be arrested for 5 years. In Lugansk, for example, it happens on the open road: they use a prohibited curare-like drug from which the dog dies slowly for 20 minutes before asphyxia. I went there together with Maja von Hohenzollern, however, we were not allowed by the mayor to visit the municipal company, which takes care of the catching and euthanazia of the dogs. It is very clear of course: everything there is contrary to the veterinarian legal requirements, the law on animal welfare and the hygienic standards, not to mention that the drugs are being stolen from the national budget. Therefore, the measures, which are practised in Kyiv, have to be spread all over the Ukraine, no matter how difficult this may be.

All-Ukrainian daily newspaper "Den'"
No.100 on Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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