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Registration Agreement

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These Rules apply to all registered visitors of the Internet forum of Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals (hereinafter "the Society").

By the very fact of your registration you confirm your consent to obey these Rules. If you don't agree with one or more principles of these Rules or the Society's Statute you must interrupt registration procedure and immediately delete your account if the registration is already complete. Please also pay your attention to the Copyright Agreement.

The Society's Forum (hereinafter "the Forum") is intended for meeting people who share basic Society's values, its goals and views on their achievement. A well-wishing, respectful manner of communication on the merits of the question is welcome on the Forum. All ethical and moral standards accepted in your personal environment in real life apply during your stay on the Forum too. Observance of common standards of virtual conversation known as Netiquette (see for example or other common references) is also mandatory; ignorance of them is no excuse. Ukrainian Law applies as well. The administration may judge antisocial and illegal acts on the Forum at its discretion and penalize the violator, up to removal of the account.

All members have equal rights and obligations. Additionally, administration of the Forum including moderators has rights and obligations intended for dominancy of the Rules. In particular, in the case of violation the administration may require the member to eliminate the offence, or eliminate it on its own and notify the offender; pronounce a warning, up to a temporary ban on writing to the Forum; apply for member account revomal. The administration comments on the gist of the violation and refers relevant paragraph of the Rules during administrative actions.

A comfortable atmosphere on the Forum stipulates for well-weighed and not indifferent attitude of each member. If you detect a violation of these Rules or another undesirable situation please inform the administration by means of the URL "Report to moderator" underneath the questionable post.

Forum languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German.

Any questions that may arise during your registration (for example due to unavailability of referred Web-sites) are to be settled before completion of the registration. Ignorance, incomprehension, inattentive reading of the Rules and linked documents does not relieve the members of responsibility for the offence.

Please direct your suggestions on the Forum and Site operation to the administration by means of contact Web-form (for unregistered visitors) or a personal message to Forum user admin or post on this Board (for members).