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hi guys,,,
Be very wary of people selling so-called designer breeds as I've never heard of one that isn't basically a back-yard puppy farm. Imo cross breeds should either be free to good home or come from a rescue. Reputable breeders put the time, money and effort into raising their pups properly and the price reflects things like stud fees, (highly unusual for a person to happen to own both a bitch and dog that compliment each other and of high enough standard to breed them together) proper IKC registration, and the cost of full health tests for any problems that are common with the breed (or either breed in this case). Good breeders charge the amount they do because they are covering the costs that they have put into the litter. Breeders which are not so reputable charge the same prices because they get away with it. Another factor in raising pups properly is that reputable breeders do not have pups at this time of year, basically because a bitch can only have so many litters (or is supposed to) and spring puppies get a much better start in life. If you are prepared to wait untill late February onwards you will find it much easier to find a good breeder.

The best advice I can give you at this point is to do lots of research on the health issues which are common in the breeds you are interested in, do this on breed specific websites not general dog sites.
may be this will help for everyone,,,,

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