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Thank those who think and write about us

We thank from the bottom of our heart Lena Verbitskaiya and Svetlana Grechannikova who participated in the Shelter Story Contest by SPCAI and won!! And what's specially valuable and pleasant, they both dedicated their stories us KSPA and Gostomel shelter - thank you so much, we are very pleased!

So good to feel someone's care!

Whether homeless animals or people who grieve for them - everyone values sympathy and external help. All the more so because some our countrymen show absolute indifference to the problem of cruelty towards animals, and to stray cats and dogs in particular. The more enjoyable is to experience that somewhere at the other world's end there are people in respectable Netherlands who value our efforts, and who are willing to help us with their own money! People who don't differentiate between Dutch and Ukrainian dogs and who think that cruelty has no place, nowhere on the Earth. And what is most important, they are ready to personally sacrifice something in order to make this vision come true.

We thank WERELDASIELEN (Netherlands) from the very bottom of our hearts for the money for saw timber for the construction of 200 dogs' kennels. Due to this generous donation the shelter will renew vast majority of the "housing stock" this summer, so the dogs get a robust and warm houses for the next several years. Moreover, we are deeply grateful for sponsoring the salary of one shelter labourer till the end of 2010.
The donation of WereldAsielen is more than just financial aid, which is so important and necessary of itself. It's continuous recognition of our efforts, the sign of confidence and the powerful stimulus towards new achievements for all us. Thank you!

We've got roof, finally!

We thank cordially, again, "Ukrainian people embassy" for slates to repair the shelter roof! During two long winter seasons the rain and snow got into the premises through a holed roof and nullified so much suffered renovation. Collecting funds for purchase of hundreds square meeter of slates was an impossible mission though. Due to Fund's support the shelter habitants meet winter 2009-2010 completely dry for the first time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Promotion in the Internet

We thank owners of Web sites who offered us placing the banner and/or information about KSPA!

Practical humanism: thanks Wereldasielen!

Europe has drawn attention to the misery of ukrainian stray animals: World Animal Shelter Foundation The Netherlands Wereldasielen that supports shelters in many countries worldwide, has followed up its representative's visit to Gostomel in September 2007 г. and donated money for purchasing food and medicines. We all, two- and four-legged, thank so much Wereldasielen and its sponsors, the people of Netherlands!

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