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A roof from hearts and a roof with a heart

Roof from hearts
Roof from hearts
Roof from hearts
Our friends in Germany were worried by the damage to the shelter caused by snowy winter. They organized fund raizing for roof repair. Most people who took part have never been to Gostomel shelter, neither they know Asia Serpinskaya or her associates in person. They know their deeds though. A symbolic roof created by organizers Melanie and Dani reflected their cordial sympathy and got covered by hearts almost completely! The goal was therefore achieved and the shelter roof was repaired for donated money. Our sincere gratitude to all our friends in Germany!

From healthy lifestyle benefit people and animals

Noud from Belgium walked a 110 km long marathon on December 14, 2012 in order to attract attention and raise funds for Gostomel shelter. Dry food was purchased for donated money. One can just rejoice at this great way to keep oneself in a good physical shape the animals benefit from too! Thank you very much Noud, thank you Birgitta and Li!

Strays around the world are together

Streuner dieser WeltWe thank Gabriel Albrecht and her union Streuner dieser Welt ("Strays of this world") who helps ukrainian street animals to find their new loving owners and replete lives in Germany, and supports Gostomel shelter.

Mission to help

KEET LogoHelping people and helping animals goes arm in arm. Swiss international company KEET lead by Heinz-Jürgen and Beatrice Scheld helps people to uncover their potential, to make their own dreams come true - and to enjoy the process. While helping people, KEET however won't forget animals either. KEET Foundation offered Gostomel shelter monthly donation of 50 euro during year 2013 - we appreciate it very much! Recurrent and guaranteed support is specially valuable in the shelter's race for survival in unpredictable and rough Ukrainian reality.

Friends' help: from White Paw to hand

Gostomel's friends Melanie Vogelei and Dani Kreher from Germany visited the shelter on the last weekend of February 2013. Their noble mission included: viewing the shelter with own eyes, meeting old and new friends, as well as handing over generous donation intended for veterinary service of the shelter inhabitants and other urgent needs. Melli and Dani within short three days met Asia Serpinska, got acquainted with one of the most experienced shelter employees Svetlana and most faithful Gostomel volunteer Nadya, learned the shelter lifestyle, and glanced over Kyiv city regarding street animals. We thank very cordially Melli and Dani, all donors for their recognition and support!

Thanks to the sponsors of Gostomel shelter on the eve of New Year 2012

Asia Serpinskaya Many european countries' people, as well as animal protection organizations, have donated money and some articles to Gostomel shelter in late 2011. We experience such sympathy of the people who hardly know us for the first time, and we value it more than just financial aid! In the first place it's the recognition of our achievements and great trust that we value very high. The founder of Gostomel shelter Asia Serpinska on behalf of the employees and volunteers, and all four-pawed shelter inhabitants, expresses our cordial gratitude towards the donators in a video message.

Thanks to WereldAsielen on the eve of New Year 2012

Our old friends from the Netherlands this year continue providing their support to cats and dogs in Gostomel shelter while having seen them mostly on the photographs... This kindness and trust inspire so much! We are incredibly grateful to WERELDASIELEN for their sympathy. Asia Serpinska pronounces it in a video which also shot the new cold room.

Stays' friend Cockatoo

We thank retail network "Cockatoo" for installing moneyboxes and collecting donations among visitors for the benefit of Gostomel shelter for stray animals.

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