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Charity money box

If you install Gostomel shelter's money box, you not only show your visitors unobtrusively that you care for the least protected strata of cats and dogs "society". You also give people the possibility to succumb to a spontaneous impulse and contribute themselves - right now and right here, with no extra bustle. The satisfaction they experience from their noble deed brings up an association with your place and leads your visitors to you again and again.
KCPA provides you with nice looking money boxes of practical sizes.


Dogs and cats in the shelter constantly need medicines: antibiotics, adjuvants, vaccinations, antiparasitic and many others. We appreciate discounts and donations.

Expired food, leftovers, etc.

While the Shelter is still looking for a sponsor to provide specialized food, the pets - first of all dogs - eat various meat leftovers (bones, sinews, pluck) and expired meat foods with great pleasure. Taking into account such foodstuffs usually just throw away, - kind deed can cost you very little!

Special food for dogs and cats

Gostomel shelter is a wonderful opportunity for sponsorship and promotion at the same time. Our nurslings will gladly consume the food your company supplied (for free or with a discount), and an inscription above main entrance says: "Shelter for Stray Animals YourCompanyName".

Monetary support

If you decide for monetary support, we accept your grant with great pleasure. Just the food for five to six hundred mouths to feed causes a significant daily expense. At the same time, we currently don't have any recurring funding.