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You Can Help / Individuals

Branded KSPA gifts

We strive to acknowledge kindness of our patrons with nice and quality branded KSPA gifts. You may choose to have a T-shirt, a cup, a bag, a car sticker, etc. depending on the amount of your donation.

Make a Difference at the Animal Shelter

We lack volunteers to cope with our everyday affairs: food cooking, premises cleaning; maintenance works, builders’ assistance; animal care and communication, combing out.

The Shelter is always open for everyone who wants to help. It will take you only 25 minutes to get here from Kyiv! Each and every person will find a work which is level with their capacities, and this map will help you to save your time and simplify your way.
Make a difference, volunteer, your help is highly appreciated!

Animal Supplies Wish List

Dog/cat dishes, drinking bowls; collars, leads; dog/cat mats, pads and anything your pet does not like or does not need any more; furniture.

Food and Drugs Wish List

Wet and dry dog/cat food. Healthcare products: anthelminthics, antiparasitics; vitamins, food supplements.

Building Materials, Tools, Implements

Boards, veneer wood, chipboards and fiberboard; nails, screws; corrugated roofing sheets, plane roof slates and European slates; linoleum, ruberoid, tin plate; Rabitz-type steel-wire plaster fabric; cement. Various tools: screwdrivers, bending and flat-nose pliers, hammers; garden equipment and mechanisms.


Who is authorised to collect money on behalf of the Society?

Your contribution, even limited, will prevent hunger, cold and anguish of animals wronged by life. Each donation of 50$, 100$ or 200$ provides bones, soup or cereals for one or several meals for all sheltered pets.

Buy a satisfied stomach and a hope for hundreds of four-footed friends at a time! Each and every one has the opportunity right now. Don’t wait for “tomorrow”, as it may never come if there is no food in the Shelter even for a couple of days.


Tell your family, friends, colleagues, fellow-travelers, folks, strangers, everyone about the Society and the Shelter; distribute our flyers and post our stickers.

Print & Post Campaign

Have a printer at home or at work? Get involved into finding homes and support for homeless animals and change their lives for the better!

Adopt a Pet

If you are thinking over buying a pet, adopt one from our Shelter. You will hardly find a creature more thankful and faithful than a pet saved by your own from hunger and death.

Job Opportunities in the Shelter

Salary 50-70 UAH per day, free meals and accommodation on the territory of the Shelter.