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Job Opportunities in the Shelter

Gostomel shelter constantly depends on volunteers help. If you consider permanent employment in the shelter please study the following information.

We provide employees with a cot in the shelter building. Conditions of life are very basic. You might share the premises with simple people, the workmen. You get some foodstuffs for free to cook with a gaz range (provided). If you live in the shelter then you generally don't need any other dwelling. You get many basic things, the question is just whether you accept that basic level. The shelter pays you some small salary (some hundred USD a month), not too bad for Kiev but certainly deep below expectations of a European citizen. This all is at the background of general disorderliness of the living in Ukraine - this fact may impact you deeply.

Another opportunity is living in Kiev and coming daily to the shelter. Renting of 1 bedroom appartment (about 35 square meeters overall area, the bedroom is about 14 sq. meeters) may cost you 300 USD a month. Modest food and basic daily needs cost another 200 USD. The quality of life is two levels below the one common in Europe.

If you don't see any obstacles in that said above then the chances are you fit well in Gostomel shelter. Please be realistic, we can't afford rescuing you because all our efforts are focused towards the animals. For any questions please contact the administrator.