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Welcome to the Internet library of Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals.
In this section we aspire at collecting most important and interesting articles on the topics related to the Society's activity. We publish the articles in original language; unlike pages in other sections, we usually don't translate them to all site languages.

All rights belong to the authors of articles, their publishers, etc. Consider current law of Ukraine whenever using the articles. Although the Society does not impose any additional restrictions on the use of the articles, these restrictions may be well imposed by the authors and other copyright holders.

Library articles are grouped in sections. In order to proceed to desired section please mouse-click on appropriate item in left menu. Brief description of section contents follows:

Laws Current regulations in Ukraine and international laws related to keeping and protection of animals.
Movement for Animals The news and events of the movement for animals in Kyiv, Ukraine and entire world.

Publicistic articles of our corresponding authors.

Keeping ... Articles in keeping house animals, feeding and looking after them, the questions of veterinary medicine.


Articles on the topics that do not fit the sections above are available by means of search in the library (see the guide).

Please pay your special attention to the following article groups available via saved queries:

  • Художественная литература (fiction) – the pearls of domestic and world literature welcome on every nature lovers' bookshelf.
  • Детская художественная литература (fiction for children) – best books about animals for children.
  • Эссе (essay) – stories and notes of talented modern authors on topic of animals.

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