Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals

Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals (KSPA, or KCSPA) – is a nonprofit, non-government organization that specializes in the protection of animals, mainly targeting the city of Kyiv. Maksym Ryl'skiy, a distinguished poet, took part in its founding in 1960. The activity of the Society is regulated by the Statute and directed by the President. The Society advocates humanism towards all living creatures and takes a firm, uncompromising stand against the problem of homeless animals. We do not accept half measures of the authorized State institutions and their individual officials; we insist on an exhaustive and final solution to the problem of stray animals through modern and humane means. The Society is not supported by any government subsidies*); it is financed solely by membership fees and voluntary donations of citizens.
KSPA is a member of the Ukrainian Association for Protection of Animals (AZOU)

The President Asia Vilgelmovna Serpinskaya

The current President of KSPA, Asia Vilgelmovna Serpinskaya, in her “former life” – Candidate of Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D. equivalent), Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. In 1999 Ms. Serpinskaya took over the Society, which was then in an abandoned and ruined state, without a building to house the stray animals. Asia Vilgelmovna mortgaged her apartment in Kyiv and used the money to buy an abandoned cow barn in the town of Gostomel, which was then reequipped into a shelter. Currently, A. V. Serpinskaya is the only permanent worker of the Gostomel Shelter, dedicating all her time and strength to the care for her four legged dependents. Oftentimes, Ms. Serpinskaya contributes her money as well, given that she not only works without a salary, but also supports the Shelter out of own means.

Read Asia Vilgelmovna’s address to the visitors of the web site

Gostomel Shelter for Homeless Animals

The former cow barn that houses the Shelter is now unrecognizable: it provides a roof over the heads of seven hundred (!) dogs and cats. However, its possibilities are limited, because just Kyiv itself has more than 30'000 of stray dogs. The only solution – find new, kind and caring, permanent owners for the four legged friends, who have already suffered human betrayal.
If you are considering getting a dog or a cat – come meet us! You will be able to not only choose the most likeable pet from our numerous animals, you will also free up a space for the next creature, who is now fighting for life on the streets. The animals in the Gostomel Shelter are vaccinated and spayed or neutered. We will be glad to answer your questions in regards to caring for them.

Sterilization Center

The Shelter has the largest in Ukraine veterinary hospital and rehabilitation facilities. The homeless animals are sterilized here, after which they recover in the rehabilitation facilities and return to the Shelter or to their usual places of habitation. The hospital can accommodate the sterilization of up to 3'500 animals per year. However, the capacity is not fully used because of the lack of resources.
The owners of pets can leave their animal in the rehabilitation facilities under the supervision of qualified professionals. The price of the operation barely covers our expenses for medication and food. Please be sure to get in contact with us prior to bringing your pet for operation in order to make sure that there is a free spot in the schedule.

Volunteering and Help

The Gostomel Shelter and KSPA do not have a reliable source of funding and permanent workers. Therefore, we are grateful for any material assistance (first of all money, as well as medication, food and construction materials). If you are strapped for cash – please help physically by coming to the Shelter for a few hours and choosing an assignment to your liking among hundreds of urgent and important tasks. Simply interacting with animals, which are in great need of human attention – it is help already!