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On what conditions the Shelter accepts strays

According to different estimations, 10 to 30 thousand street dogs live in Kyiv. Gostomel shelter for stray animals is intended to accommodate 700. Quite obviously, neither Gostomel alone nor even all three Kyiv NGO shelters of limited admission taken one with another can radically affect the situation on city streets. (Read here what can do).

The shelter is always overcrowded. It accepts animals therefore only if all other ways to set the animal up (via the friends, acquaintances, colleagues, ADs hung in busy locations and published in free newspapers, etc...) were already tried without success, and any further delay treatens animal's life or health. Best variant is finding new owner directly and bypass the Shelter. Please bring the animal in only if there are absolutely no other ways. Please take some money with you if you can, the care for one animal costs us about 40 USD a month. More significant donations are always welcome too, see the section «Urgently Needed».

Consider that the Shelter population consists of mainly animals that lived their entire lives on the street. If you care of a former pet who lived all the time indoor, it's essential to do your very, really very best and find new owners directly. Otherwise accommodation to new conditions stresses the animal too much and may cause it's death.

Newborn puppies and kittens are special topic. The Shelter is first of all intended for keeping adult animals that were strays until recently. The employees dedicate all their efforts specifically to life support of this major group. They just don't have time for any special care puppies and kittens need, especially too young animals i.e. weak and requiring frequent feeding, and coming from the street i.e. infected or severely ill. Survival rate of such youngsters in the Shelter is therefore quite low.

The Shelter has no own transport, therefore delivery of the animal is your task. Contact administrator of the Shelter on mobile phone in advance (see the section «Contacts») to ensure seamless handover.

Remember, by submitting the animal to the shelter you transfer your personal responsibility to someone else, who is in fact exactly as ordinary person as you are. You could establish a shelter too; it's difficult but it's doable. So please organize yourself the future of at least one this animal by finding a new careful owner for it.