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Why strays feel better in the shelter than on the street

KCPA clearly understands that any shelter, even Gostomel, is no optimal place for animals. Every animal feels best under the wardship of a careful and affectionate owner, who dedicates it enough of his time and attention. The population size of Gostomel does not assume any comfort comparable with city apartment.

However the conditions in Gostomel shelter far exceed those on the street because of:

  1. Guaranteed food
    Unlike street strays who keep going due to occasional pittance or finding some food in refuse bins, Gostomel animals obtain daily nutrition. Dogs get porridge made on meat or bone bouillon, with some meat foods added. Cats obtain special food and milk porridge. The ration does not provoke obesity but guarantees relatively replete living.
  2. Safety
    Habitants are protected against bastards with human appearance who torture defenceless creatures. At the same time they are guaranteed against intraspecific (the shelter staff corrects natural relations within packs when necessary to protect weaker specimens) and interspecific persecution (cats are reliably isolated from dogs).
  3. Injury protection
    There is no danger of ending under car weels, on the rails, or in the issue of a contact with anthropogenic factors (high voltage, chemical or toxic substance, sewer manhole, etc.)
  4. Veterinary care
    A loving owner can pay his/her only pet more attention (including its material manifestations) than a shelter staff member to hundreds of animals under his supervision. Anyway habitants obtain necessary veterinary help when injured or ill.