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You reach the Shelter easiest by mini-bus:


Line 389K depatures from the underground station "Akademgorodok" (leave the train towards its trail end, after swinging doors turn left towards Vernadskogo ave., turn right and take the stairs to surface, then continue 100 m to minibus terminal, see the map). Ask the driver whether the bus goes to "Kimerka". The route takes about 25 minutes, the station is on the area near a small shop. Continue along the highway, then turn left towards the farms and the shelter. Refer to the pictures below.

After leaving the mini-bus at the station, continue moving by feet in unchanged direction another couple of hundred meters. Pass under the railway bridge:

Farms begin at the left. Enter the gate and continue to silo tower and the entry to the shelter:


Mini-bus line 394 departures from subway station Minska.