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Route Kiev – Gostomel Shelter

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The route "Varshavka" towards Kovel'. Turn right at the crotch under the railway bridge near Irpen'. Pass entire Gostomel. After exited from the town look for farms at your left hand side.

Move along the Circular road ("Okrujna") direction North. Pass crossing with Peremoga ave., Academic Area and Berkivtsy. Straight ahead the road to Puscha-Voditsa. Turn left.
Pass the sign «Gostomel». The shelter is still about 10 km away.
After the road to Irpen' branched to the left, pass under the bridge and turn right.
Pass brick factory (at the right), town center and the airplane (at the left).
Pass the sign to Demydiv and Borodianka, and continue straight forward.
Pass small shops and the terminal of mini-bus to Kyiv (at the right). Pass under the railaway bridge.
Farms begin at the left in couple of hundred meters. Pull in to the left into the gates, continue cross the farms to the silo tower.