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Austrian international animal protection organization "Vier Pfoten" (Four Paws) got concerned at the turn of years 2011-2012 with the critical situation in Ukraine. Stray animals were killed with increasing intensity on the eve of European football championship "Euro-2012". "Vier Pfoten" had an extensive experience of successful application of "Trap-Neuter-Release" method for stray animals population control. They offered Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals a cooperation and were very welcome.

Beginning of February 2012 the delegation of "Vier Pfoten" headed by it's founder and leader Helmut Dungler visited Gostomel shelter for stray animals. The frost as strong as thirty Celsius degree, quite exceptional even in Ukraine, did not keep the guests from getting to know the shelter, its inhabitants and the staff.

Helmut Dungler, the founder and the leader of "Vier Pfoten", while visiting Gostomel shelter in February 2012:
– I've seen many shelters, and Gostomel comes to the front. Eminently much was achieved here with very limited resources.
Helmut Dungler
KSPA realized all the challenges of starting a large-scale project in a new country. We immediately lent the colleagues our support, such as advice, contacts, mediation in the negotiations, help with the translation. Master plan for a wide-ranging action matured soon. "Vier Pfoten" will neuter stray animals in the championship host cities, with simultaneous education for Ukrainian colleagues in modern humane methods of trapping and castration. Gostomel shelter should be one of three Kyiv bases for mobile clinics and volunteers for a month. People from surrounding suburbs and individual volunteers may neuter their pets free of charge here.

The program started end of April. The vets of "Vier Pfoten" castrated a fair amount of shelter dogs in this month. It's a valuable help for Gostomel. The shelter can't afford a full time vet and invites instead the staff from Kyiv clinics. These visits are becoming less frequent due to funding shortage. So dogs may wait a while before they get neutered. Thanks to "Vier Pfoten" it's off the agenda for some time now.

The volunteers helped with small repair of the veterinary hospital boxes. "Vier Pfoten" aided with extending there the water pipes from the very new autonomous well, too.