Dear friends!

Welcome to the web site of the Kiev Society for the Protection of Animals.

For many years running, we have been standing for animals’ protection in the capital of Ukraine. We keep on demanding from the City’s authorities to stop slaughtering stray animals and we suggest a program of alternative, humane resolution of the issue instead. We stage street manifestations and cooperate with mass media outlets in trying to stir up public sentiment.

We do witness certain improvement in public attitudes toward the issue of stray animals on the streets. However, we are still unable to ram through the wall of the City administration’s functionaries’ indifference. Notwithstanding the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Animals against Brutal Treatment” that came into effect on February 21, 2006, cases of cruelty against stray animals remain unpunished.

We realize that the Law on protection of animals will not work without our concerted efforts, without every citizen’s belief in his or her right to have a say.

Being unable to improve the situation in Kyiv radically, we do our best in trying to harbor at least some of the stray animals. In our Shelter in the village of Gostomel on the outskirts of Kiev, we give home to dogs and cats victimized by human cruelty and indifference. As of today, the total number of our inmates has reached 700. However, newcomers keep on arriving in scores. Therefore, we are on the lookout for good hands to put our inmates in to free some space for the newcomers.

By protecting more vulnerable species people actually become stronger and gain in humanity. If protecting the likes is only a self-preservation instinct of the human race, then by helping out other species, the more vulnerable ones, we progress spiritually.

The fight between good and evil is raging all over the world. Moreover, the fight against cruelty towards animals is the fiercest one. We aim for the future since one can hardly expect immediate benefits in this realm. It may happen we will never see the fruits of our unremitting toil, but our efforts may not be called a waste of time. Maybe it is not the best time to sow grace and mercy, but there is no doubt that sooner or later the seedlings sowed will come up to manifest a truly humane society.

Is it possible to separate human rights from animal rights? Abraham Lincoln said, "I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of the whole human being." Our website speaks for those guided by the highest standards of humanity accumulated by the humankind over its history. We expect this website,, to serve a venue for numerous like-minded people to join the ranks of fighters for animal rights.

Asia V. Serpinskaya
President of Kiev Society for the Protection of Animals
Member of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)