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Against the killings of homeless animals in Irpen town

The mayor's order regarding killing of homeless dogs is taking effect in Irpen, which is located 30 km from Kiev. It will stay in effect until May 1st 2008. This decision contradicts not only with the international regulations but also with active Ukrainian legislation. In violation of the legislation animals are being shot in the yards, on the streets. Moreover, not only homeless dogs are shot, but also the ones that are registered, sterilized and have guardians. Dogs undergo terrible sufferings before death. These "operations" have a negative effect on physical and mental health of children who may observe dogs' suffering, and their parents.

In connection with these events, Swiss animal protection society "Verein für Entwicklung des Tierschutzes" and Ukrainian fund on assistance to international communication "Ukrainian national embassy" sent letters to the Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine and to the Head of the Irpen city council with the demand to stop such actions and to immediately cancel this order.