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Killing dogs for Euro-2012: half a year elapsed, little change recorded

The killing of stray animals continues in Ukraine as of May 2012, despite of international attention and the involvement of major european animal protection organizations.

O.Kosenkov Oleksiy Kosenkov
Head of the Union for the Development of Animal Protection
Representative of the Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals in Switzerland

Many eminent animal protection organizations report the killing goes on (eg., PETA in March 2012, ETN in May 2012, etc.) Nevertheless some voices were raised in the meantime that the situation "is not that dramatic as someone wants it to appear". Ukrainian embassies in european countries reply inquiries of worried people with a standard message, which refers to the statements of Ukrainian ministers in late 2011 and presents the situation as drastically improving. Embassies conceal of course that these statements still remain empty promises as the facts below prove.

Municipality of Kharkiv, one of the cities hosting the european football championship "Euro-2012", rejects absolutely officially any attempts of animal protectors to promote adoption of Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) method for stray animals propulation control. ETN, Vier Pfoten, PETA, ITV Grenzenlos all in turn approached the mayor of Kharkiv G.Kernes just to hear from him that TNR proved to be inefficient and Kharkiv continues with the praxis of "unlimited admission" where 95% of animals are euthanized, according to the official statistics of the municipality. The shelter being currently built in Kharkiv for 500 dogs and 100 cats is exactly that "shelter of unlimited admission", to name it pompously. Ukrainian animal protectors usually call it gas-chamber though.

Like in Kharkiv, there are guise and reality in Donetsk too. Akhmetov Fund in cooperation with ETN have built a shelter where the animals are neutered, vaccinated and released back to the streets. At the same time, Donetsk city budgeted in 2012 the money for trapping about 16'000 stray animals and for keeping just 4'000. Moreover, no single cent is budgeted for neutering. It's easy to guess in what facility "of unlimited admission" the other 12'000 trapped dogs disappear. By the way this facility exists and functions since years. It's so-called "quarantine ground" where trapped animals die "naturally" while being kept without water and food.

The municipality of Kyiv gave up coordinated extermination of stray animals in 2011. The reality is though: aggressive individuals intensively poison stray dogs in the streets. This lynching is continuously gaining in scope at the background of police inactivity. Even the court started last year against the maniac Vedula who murdered and filmed dozens of animals did not sentence1 him yet.
Animal protection activists protested in Kyiv in March and April 2012 because no progress in Ukrainian authorities' attitude was recorded so far.

Even the situation in Euro-2012 host cities changed little, despite of being in the public eye.
To say nothing of smaller towns where the international pressure is nonexistent...

1 Update June 2012: Maniac Vedula is sentenced to 4 years of prison.