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Kyiv municipality's support of Gostomel shelter, for the first time ever

The year 2011 was signalized by higher attention of international animal protection organizations and simply not indifferent people towards deplorable state of stray animals in Ukraine, which worsened even more on the eve of football championship Euro-2012. Most famous organizations and many celebrities appealed to ukrainian authorities for stopping barbaric cruel extermination of street dogs and supporting humane ways of their population control.

Kyiv municipality (the Mayor O.Popov and responsible for the problem of stray animals Mayor's first deputy O.Mazurchak) reacted and announced the allocation of 100'000 UAH from city budget for each major private shelter around Kyiv. According to the routine, the shelters should submit their applications supported by the suppliers' invoices for any amount up to one hundred thousand.

As it's typical for budget funding, the money was released in the very last moment on the New Year eve and not in full therewith. All shelters together received 50'000 UAH only. This amount was divided among all shelters in proportion to the totals of their applications. Gostomel received 26'000 UAH (about 2'500 EUR). Finding the money missing up to 100'000 UAH for payment of due invoices for the animals' food which was already delivered and even partially consumed could habe been a major challenge... Luckily our foreign friends help us out of trouble by their generous donations right at that time.

So in year 2011 Gostomel shelter, for the first time in its 12 years history, received support from Kyiv city state administration. We are happy that Kyiv recognized, by means of this one-time action, that significant role private shelters play in solving such important and urgent problem of the city as stray animals.