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Video-tour to Gostomel shelter


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A foreigners glance at the shelter


Approximate monthly budget


Monthly budget calculation for Gostomel shelter (as of September 2008, one US dollar is equal to 4,80 hryvna).

item of expenses US dollar hryvna remark
1 Food for 500 dogs and 100 cats

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The Shelter


The shelter view from the next silo tower

Everything is simple here, no luxury. The Shelter, created in 2000 on the basis of an abandoned cow barn, has kept the exterior of every day life of a Ukrainian village due to the lack of funds and utilities (the Shelter is located far from the town). Firewood is used used for heating and food preparation. The summer enclosures for the dogs look abandoned at

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Panorama pictures of the shelter

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The shelter dwellers – Ryabka


One sais a good story should have a happy end. But the one which is really unforgettable is perhaps another kind. So this time I tell you a story we volunteers of KCPA never forget.

An elder lady who worked a school head before her retirement found once a dog near the road. The dog has been hit by a car. It has stayed there for many days if not weeks without any help. One can’t imagine how much the poor thing suffered unnoticed! It was found in the last stage of dystrophy, with gangrene of its broken hind legs. The veterinarian had to amputate them, but the dog

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