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Look in the truth's eyes
and you see there DEATH

They are not sleeping. They are dead.

They are waste products of the business of professional dealers. Have an eye on the environs of pets market in your town. Somewhere it's a grove nearby, somewhere a park or industrial zone. The ground there is sown with boxes that became common grave for kitten and puppies who just saw the light.

They die painfully, being intoxicated by the dye applied to turn them into customer's desired breed. Die because of exhaustion since mass dealers' business does not assume feeding, heating, therapy. They are the means for unpretentious enrichment of professional murderers.

Whenever you pass your kittens and puppies to traders against a promise to find them "good hands", don't deceive yourself: you find afterwards most of these just born sparks of life around the pets market. Dead.

Next time you take your child with you to the pets market to purchase a little animal remember: by purchasing one you doom to death many others. It's the specifics of this business, dealers stock up slaves superfluously in the hope of your purchase. Remaining commodity stays on the market in the evening. This stirring clot turns to stiff in death cadavers towards morning.

We intentionally show here a lot of pictures with victims of pets market, much more than a normal person can bear. We want you to know: there are many of them indeed, and this is no accident. Specifics of this "business" leaves no opportunity for the little ones.

The only chance to resist this evil is never pass your pets to subpurchasers, and never ever purchase their wares.

And visit the grove next to pets market sometimes. It happens one still can save their lives. Turns out well not always unfortunately. But sometimes it does.

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