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How animals get to the shelter

Chronic overpopulation of Gostomel shelter for stray animals and too low adoption rate force the limitation of animals admission. Most common exceptions are the specimens whose life is exposed to concrete and severe danger in their current habitat. Street animals are generally subject to antropogenic factors such as traffic, pursuit by the people who don't tolerate stray animals nearby, or brutality of sadists. Therefore the dogs and cats with injuries, hit by a car, exhausted, ill or suffering brutal treatment often become guests of the shelter.

This continuous stream gets shaded in high season by "house-to-house gifts". These are the puppies and kittens who were secretly brought by "good-natured people" and left in front of the shelter's entry. Are these people good-natured indeed is a big question though. The shelter is first of all intended for keeping adult animals that were strays until recently. The employees dedicate all their efforts specifically to life support of this major group. They just don't have time for any special care puppies and kittens need, especially too young animals i.e. weak and requiring frequent feeding, and coming from the street i.e. infected or severely ill. Sufficient nursing and cure that are difficult even in a vet clinic, are almost unrealizable in the shelter.

Yet another source of the animals is the people who refuse their pets because of different reasons, such as an illness, death, allergy, birth of a child, inability to handle its own dog. Shelter employees are often faced the ultimatum "either you accept the dog or we are going to the vet for euthanasia right away".

The man came to the shelter to get rid of his pet The man came to the shelter to get rid of his pet